Parenting 101

You spend a good part of your life parenting the best that you can.  You are hit with incredibly hard decisions and challenges.  You give up countless nights of sleeping, get your heart broken more times than you can count.  You go above and beyond for your children.  Then BAM!  Gone just like that.  All to find out that most of them can live without you which is wonderful, but they don’t even blink at the loss of your presence.  You never ever think of that while raising your children because you  have so much love and fun for them.  One child can break your heart into a million pieces all for the child to not even look back or make you feel that you are the slightest bit important.


We have traveled over 16 hours and have been in horrible pain.  Fibromyalgia is not a joke.  It is painful and extremely aggravating.  We are now in Florida and enjoying such beautiful weather.  There truly are crazy drivers down here.  The last time I went out I had a car pull out in front of me like a crazy fool.  I almost sent my sister through the windshield trying to stop and avoid from slamming into this lady.  Life is full of time, changes and memories.  What you do with the time is totally up to you.  I choose my time by trying to help people and making people happy.  Trying to make memories is always so much fun.  My sister will be getting married and I couldn’t be happier for her!  She has been through so much and it finally has settled down for her and now it is time for her to enjoy life minus all the medical issues she has.  I wish she wasn’t in so much pain, but for now they will continue to search to find her issues.  I love you sis and so proud of you!  I know the rough road you have traveled has NOT been fun, but you have learned some important lessons and I am so proud of you for learning and not giving up!  Life is no fun without you!  I am thankful and blessed to have you in my life.  Now let the fun begin!

No More Football

Friday was my sons LAST football game.  It has been an emotional weekend.  My boys have been in football for over 10 years.  All 3 of my sons played football and it is all over now.  I don’t know life without football or should I say I don’t know life without my boys playing football.  At least one of my sons playing.  You spend your falls for the last 10 years watching football and rooting your son on watching them kick, tackle, get hurt, bond with their friends and bond with parents and become involved and this is all you know and it is now over.

You often wonder what you will do, continue to go to the games or does it just become a thing of the past?  No more washing stinky, sweaty jerseys, football pants, gloves, girdles, undershirts, towels, practice clothes and scrub them so hard because you want your son to look his best out on the field.  It all comes to an end and you don’t know quite what to do with those emotions.

My sons have had concussions, broken bones, dislocated body parts, heat exhaustion, been disrespected, bit, stomped on, booed, called names.  They wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  You are a leader, you are part of a pumped up family, you are a star.  The next time my son steps foot on that field he has to pay to watch a game and for years he was one of the stars of that field, he was being announced, he had it all.  Now it is over and so many emotions run high through my head, and my heart.  I will not longer enter those gates to watch one of my sons play.  It is all over.  Thank you God for keeping my boys safe minus a broken bone, concussion etc….I am thankful and blessed that all 3 of my sons have WALKED off that same field!



Calm…No Way

Surprisingly had a calm peaceful day!! Thank you sweet Jesus ♡

Yesterday, not much was able to happen….. had to work all day…..I lied lol…my husband’s trailer tire blew and as soon as I almost made it home I had to go purchase one for him and take it to him 20 miles down the road after just getting off work, but that was the most exciting thing that happened yesterday.

Goodnight my fans love you all.

What Is Wrong With Parents?

When a friends MOTHER gives the underage friend weed, she also smokes it with them and then the child FREAKS out and the MOTHER won’t let the CHILD call her MOM because she’s freaking out because of the weed she smoked….the MOM then proceeded to tell child you can’t call your mom because THE MOTHER THAT GAVE THE WEED doesn’t want in trouble!! Now come on!… this how parents are these days?

Now to call the cops is not an option….they don’t do anything!!!

What would you recommend doing for this mom that is very frustrated?

If Only I Could Understand

You ask yourself a 100 times am I doing something wrong?  Did I not parent right?  Did I not make it clear to people who I really am or is it the Bitch Resting Face Syndrome that makes people assholes!

She started a sport and it was the first time any of my daughters played.  We both were excited to learn, to play, to watch and most importantly to support and encourage.

I make sure she gets to practice and that she she follows the rules.  Sometimes she was so worn out and a child with anxiety is NOT easy to persuade that it is necessary to go to practice especially when the coach has her favorites already.  On dreary days it is the worst for some reason.  I, mom am the only thing that calms the anxiety.  It was just to much to practice especially with girls that made fun of her for having aloepecia.  It would just make it worse.   A total of 2 days may have been missed for practice.

She struggles with the girls, she practices hard, she is told she isn’t good enough yet not by just the girls, but by the coach too.  She learns and learns and learns and practices and practices and runs around with a smile on her face when I really know all to well that she is treated like crap by the players and the coach, but she is okay with it, she just wants to belong.

When it is time to play games she is lucky she will be in once or twice.  If she messes up she is pulled right out while others mess up and stay in.

Then comes one of the most important days of her life.  The season is over and she is told I could buy tickets for a college volleyball game and that makes her so happy.  Only in the process she gets screwed again!

She isn’t even invited to sit with the team nor take a picture with the college players.  Her teach and coach knowing that she is there chose not to invite her to participate in the activities at the games.  So sad.  The only response I get is “I am sorry I forgot to send you the information!”

Are you kidding me….my daughter was the only one that DIDN’T get the information.  Sounds like to me she had an agenda and totally disliked her for some unknown reason and all I can’t say is “I will pray for you!”


Anxiety in children is real!! It’s sad, stressful and frustrating. I feel helpless and it just plain out sucks!! A lot of people aren’t familiar with anxiety in children nor alopecia. It’s heartbreaking for my daughter. I just wish people understood. Mainly teachers and coaches!!! More later!

Organizing Not For Me?

Is there such thing as fully organized? For me however, I tell myself I will start with the loft and work my way down. I tell myself I’m going to do it this time. I’m going to grab ahold of it this time. I’m going to throw out everything we don’t need, use or want.

It never fails everything I bagged up for goodwill sits in my foyer for months until it is rescattered around the house or used for dog cages or thrown in the garbage. I can never get organized. If I do it will be the death of me!!